Grounds Maintenance for Universities

The search for a meticulous crew to handle university grounds maintenance can be wearying for administrators. Campus grounds maintenance is a fundamental landscaping component for higher education institutions. 

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These days, university administrators have a vested interest in outsourcing external contractors for the role. There is some amount of fallacy about the undertakings of the position. For the sheer benefit of providing clarity, university groundskeeping is a component of the faculty by extension. 

Landscaping and groundskeeping responsibilities vary from one university to another. However, typical functions include extensive property maintenance and low-level security surveillance.  

Is outsourced university groundskeeping worth the money?

Going into this partnership blind can be menacing because groundskeeping has multiple layers. Although universities generally carry in-house landscaping and groundskeeping personnel, these days, budget restraints outweigh cultural commitment. The need for remunerative cost-reduction intervention across the faculty remains a paramount goal for the continuance of universities. 

Groundskeeping and landscaping involve tedious routines, albeit undercutting these roles can be devastating. Instead, consider hiring professional university grounds management and maintenance on an ad hoc basis. With outsourced contractors, universities are in for impeccable grounds maintenance services such as:

  • Horticultural features maintenance 
  • Fine-turf care and maintenance
  • Groundscape inspection and maintenance (repairs)
  • Recreational grounds and facility maintenance
  • Environmental services
  • Landscaping

Having this flexible alternative reduces overall spend on university groundskeeping. The cost of maintaining and protecting campus aesthetics will decrease substantially with reduced payroll hours. Plus, it’s an opportunity to work with highly skilled contractors. These groundskeepers will demonstrate a higher level of proficiency, expertise, and resourcefulness on the job. 

Another cost-saving point here is that outsourced groundskeepers come equipped with all necessary resources. On a positive note, this eliminates fuel costs since it comes with the service or package. Universities spend generously on groundskeeping equipment maintenance and repairs yearly too. So, outsourced groundskeeping can reduce how much universities spend on property maintenance each year. 

Eliminate groundskeeping management cost

Universities cannot have groundskeepers without a supervisory team on the payroll. Without this, quality control suffers. In comparison, an entire university grounds maintenance crew costs a fraction of salaried staff compensation. It translates to successful execution with fewer workers to pay, reduced stress, increased productivity, and higher efficiency.

Excellent groundskeeping etiquette

Campus grounds see tons of incoming and outgoing traffic daily. Groundskeepers can be a distraction and also slow down the pace of events on the property. Having received world-class training on stealth operation, outsourced university grounds maintenance workers know how to apply themselves.

Communicative groundskeeping partnership

As the university strives for enhanced security and seamless groundskeeping services, it is prudent that there is no gap in communication. What it needs is a communicative partnership where the crew duly follows directives and suggests improvements when necessary. The team answers an executive body that manages the process. 

Perks of hiring professional university groundskeeping service

Picturesque university grounds with well-maintained amenities and horticultural features generate positive industry recognition. It is impossible to make a lasting first impression with substandard groundskeeping service. Whether the aim is to inspire students, future faculty members, benefactors, or preserve the status quo, quality groundskeeping counts. 

Plants, shrubs, and turfgrass have slightly different care requirements and require well-trained, knowledgeable professionals with a comprehensive background in groundskeeping service to know how to care for each accordingly. For effective grounds maintenance, a company like Ficus Landscape Group are the people to call.

With their help, damage to university property aesthetics, vegetation, amenities, and landmark attractions is impracticable. They are diligent, efficient professionals who consistently aim to exceed expectations as well as provide eco-friendly services.

In addition to university grounds maintenance, they also provide landscaping services as well. This eliminates the need to hire another company or retain salaried ancillary staff to take care of landscaping and their routine groundskeeping and landscaping duties often include:

  • Floral care
  • Vegetation control
  • Leaf removal
  • Irrigation maintenance
  • Turf fertilization/mowing
  • Bed soil maintenance
  • Tree/shrub grooming maintenance (spraying, trimming)
  • Seasonal cleanup (spring, fall)
  • Tuft weed control

What do universities stand to gain from outsourced groundskeeping services? It reduces the internal workload and offers a strategic model to keep labor investments feasible. Fewer employees on payroll translate to reduced static billable hours and eliminate compensatory obligations. It is a sustainable campus landscape plan that allows universities to achieve their desired goals faster. 

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