Landscaping Ideas For Your Garden Design

Landscaping for the home or office not only adds a level of style to the surroundings but also creates a beautiful space which allows you to use your outdoor area in completely new ways. But before you begin you have to find the best landscapers Melbourne and you should get an understanding of your available space so you can plan what features you would like to include in your new garden design. 

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In order to create an overall aesthetically pleasing area that also combines usefulness, there are a few elements you should consider:

Plants and flowers 

When thinking of a new, beautiful garden design, plants and flowers are essentials that definitely should not be missing. There are no rules on how to include them, however, there are a few elements that easily add to a pretty and purposeful landscape design: 

  1. Green Lawn: The lawn is one of the first things that people notice when they look at a landscape. Keeping it green and healthy might come along with a few difficulties, however, organic lawn foods and regular fertilizing and watering can help to grow that lush green grass.
  1. Companion Planting: Planting in pairs helps plants to thrive, and coupled with the right partner plant, will add to the beauty of your garden. Sunflowers are a great choice, as they do not only look absolutely stunning, they also support the growth of any other plant. 
  1. Purposeful Plants: When choosing plants that are an eye-catcher for your new garden design, you may also consider choosing edibles like blueberries, tomatoes and zucchini. These plants benefit the visual appearance on the one side but provide delicious homegrown food on the other side.
  1. Elevated Garden Beds: Raised beds come with many benefits for your garden. As a stylish feature, they add depth to the garden but are also hard to reach for hungry critters.

Water Features

There is no doubt that a carefully selected choice of beautiful plants and colourful flowers are an absolute must for every garden renovation. However, Landscaping ideas for your new garden design can also include other features, like the placement of water for instance. There are different ways of involving water into your outdoor space, depending on the situation:

  1. Natural Swimming-Pond: If your outdoor area provides the required space, building a natural swimming pond as part of your landscaping comes with many benefits. While offering the convenience of cooling down on hot summer days, you don’t have to expose your body to countless chemicals as we do in typical swimming pools. Additionally, swimming ponds create a relaxing atmosphere that helps to calm down after a stressful day. 
  1. Fountain: Where there is no space for a natural swimming pool, but still a desire for a relaxing water feature, fountains are a good solution. Either by themselves or in combination with a little fish pond, the soothing sound of slowly splashing water is always balsam for the soul.
  1. Wine Barrel Pond: Cutting a wine barrel in half and adding different garden essentials, like water lilies, for instance, makes a lovely mini pond. This idea not only saves a lot of space, but it also creates a gorgeous rustic flair. Wine barrels can easily be found at flea markets, thrift shops, and wineries. 
  1. Bathtub Pond: An old bathtub made of metal works just as well as an old kitchen sink to create a customized little water garden. Adding flora, stones, and even glass items to your taste make your water garden unique. If the tub is big enough, you can even consider adding a few fish to bring the water garden to life. 

Seating Area

When putting all this effort into a new landscape design, the most important element would be a place to relax and enjoy your garden. There are many different ways of including a nice and cozy seating area for your backyard:

  1. Tree Swing: If you have big trees in your backyard and are not quite sure how to make use of them, you should definitely consider attaching a tree swing. Not only is a tree swing a relatively affordable way of including a seating area in your backyard, but it also creates a dreamy atmosphere and invites for chilled afternoons with a good book. 
  1. Wooden Bench: This can either be a floating wooden bench or a bench made of split logs. In any case, wooden seating elements are a gorgeous idea if you are after creating a rustic feel for your garden. They would also go perfectly with a little wine barrel pond to complete that rustic style. 
  1. Cushioned Sofa: For maximal comfort in your outdoor area, you should consider adding cushioned sofas in your seating area. Perfect for an afternoon nap in the sun, they also create the perfect space for a weekend catch up with friends and family.
  1. Patio Table and Chairs: For a lovely but more traditional seating area, a wrought iron patio table with matching chairs are a great option. Perfect to enjoy a little breakfast or your afternoon tea, this seating area looks amazing on a raised deck.

Decorative Items

To complete the landscape design of your new garden, several decorative items can be considered that provide the final touches:

  1. Pavilion: A pavilion in your backyard is not only a stylish element that protects you from the Australian sun, but it can also add to a holiday feeling of your backyard. 
  1. Firepit: One