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Beautiful Brisbane Gardens In Winter


As Winter rolls in with cloud shrouded mornings, crisp days and chilly evenings our gardens undergo a change as well. With cooler temperatures and less sunlight many different planting options are available to make your autumn garden beautiful to behold. Now is the perfect time to plant a row of Camellia Sasanqua or as it is more commonly known as the Yuletide or Christmas Camellia.



This hardy all season plant comes into it’s own in the cooler months. Sporting a myriad of dazzling colours this beautiful Camellia will be sure to brighten up a bland winter garden.Originally the Camellia Sasanqua came from Japan and was commonly found at altitude and flourished in cooler climes. The Japanese cultivated the plant originally not for its beautiful flowers and glossy greenery but used the leaves for tea and the seeds were cold pressed for oil to burn or used as cosmetics. Today however this practice is uncommon and most of us in the west simply admire the stunning array of verdant foliage.


Best results for planting will be obtained by positioning Camellias in semi shaded areas, however Camellias will grow in full sunlight just as readily. 

Camellias prefer a low Ph soil, and will do well either planted in the garden or in pots.  Be a little careful about over watering your potted Camellias, they are a very slow growing plant and when potted will require much less water than their garden counterparts.

The Yuletide Camellia is a robust plant ad takes to pruning well, rewarding the avid gardener with lush foliage and scores of flowers, So much so that the Camellia is a favourite for topiary and espalier.

For those unfamiliar with espalier style arrangements; this French tradition of garden arrangement was used traditionally for fruiting plants, primarily citrus. A sun soaked wall was used as backing and the plant was arranged through careful pruning and training to form a pleasing aesthetic. The practical component of espalier was to give plants not used to frosty French conditions access to great warmth, ensuring the survival of fragile fruiting plants and ensuring an abundant harvest. Often Espalier’s were built parallel to the equatorial lines to make the most of the sunlight and retain as much warmth as possible to extend the fruiting season for as long as possible. As most passionate gardeners know, the longer the fruit stays on the vine the sweeter the taste, particularly with citrus varieties.

Fruiting varietals were not the only plant that could be made into the espalier arrangement. Often flowering plants such as camellias were used to create beautiful arrangements. Espaliers are formed by training the branches of the chosen plant in horizontal and vertical lines, often running in parallel. Initially the branches would be first trained to grow vertically, ensuring abundant growth. Then the plant would be modified and branches trained in horizontal rows to promote fruiting, create a pleasing aesthetic and allow for easy access to fruit in season.   

Camellias have been used for espalier due to its ability to thrive on regular pruning and training not to mention the lush green foliage and pretty flowers that drape a sun dappled wall. 

Camellias are wonderful for the year round gardener in Brisbane, giving a wonderful variety of flower colours and ensuring that even in winter your garden still blooms. 

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A&R Evergreen were Landscape Queensland Construction Awards finalists in all three categories entered:-

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1. Residential 4- A & R Evergreen - East Brisbane 'Hanworth House' Highly Commended

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A&R Evergreen were Landscape Queensland Construction Awards finalists in all three categories entered in 2014.

1. Construction – Residential 1 – up to $40,000                              

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